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Solis PC and IT repair

800 Cardinal Road
Cocoa, FL 32926

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We specialize in home computer repair for the Space Coast. We offer in house diagnosis and repair as well as free pickup and delivery within a 20 mile radius of Cocoa, Fl.

Are you daunted by all the cables sprouting from your computer? Do you cringe when someone says, "You need a dual core 2.5GHz with 4 Gig DDR2 and 802.11n Wireless?" No worries. We can translate that high-tech gibberish into understandable English. We come to your home or office, diagnose and repair the problem, optimize your system and show you what we did. No bother, no mess, no surprises, and no carrying.

Our Goals
Solis PC Doc has been serving Space Coast users for over 3 years. We started out with these simple goals:
- Save our customers money!
- Get the job done right the first time
- Emphasizes friendly, personal service,
- Encourage active participation by our customers
- Develop a long term relationship with our customers
- Educate our customers as we repair or upgrade their systems
- Provide our customers with the peace of mind that they deserve
- Providing the most affordable and reliable computer servicing needs around.
- To better serve the needs of individuals, and businesses, both large and small

We believe that by offering quality services at reasonable rates we will gain the trust and respect of our customers.