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East Sea Spa

13401 US-1
Sebastian, FL 32958
Posted: 4/18/2018 4:11:30 AM
By: levittow
Las Vegas, NV
Swedish Massage Swedish massage provides full-body muscle relaxation. Aromatherapy Massage Therapist use essential oil that extracted from flowers, Lavender and rose to relax, energize and uplift, it benefit a variety of conditions, including headaches, insomnia and back pain. Hot Stone Massage The warmth of stones can be relaxing and loosen tight muscles. Deep Tissue Massage Therapist targets muscle knots and specific problem in the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Shiatsu Massage Shiatsu involves localized pressure using the therapists fingers, hands and elbows, applied in a rhythmic sequence along the body. Thai massage Reflexology Therapist uses finger pressure and techniques to promote relaxation and healing in the body. By applying pressure to the reflex points