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Garage Door Medics

77711 Flora Rd
Palm Desert, CA 92211

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Posted: 7/17/2018 8:08:12 PM
By: levittow
Las Vegas, NV
GARAGE DOOR REPAIR, SERVICE, MAINTENANCE & INSTALLATION IN PALM SPRINGS & SURROUNDING AREAS. The service in Palm Springs covers both commercial and residential garage door repairs, and Palm Desert has a unique population of people because it is made up of both permanent (year-round) residents, and people who have homes in the city as their winter or second home. Our 24/7 service means that if your garage door repair is an emergency (for example if you have been away for a long time and recently returned to see it is in disarray), we will be out to you as soon as possible. Not only do we provide repairs for existing damage, but we are always happy to supply and install a brand-new garage door if required.