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Calhoun Floorz

1730 S Dirksen Pkwy
Springfield, IL 62703

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Posted: 6/13/2019 6:45:55 AM
By: levittow
Las Vegas, NV
About Calhoun Floorz GET TO KNOW YOUR SPRINGFIELD AREA FLOORING EXPERTS Let's face it, its not just about price, its about value. Its about helping finding that perfect color, that perfect look. Its about being educated, about being guided, to find the right style and quality to fit the particular needs of this particular project, to fit your personal needs. Its about a quality installation of the product you choose to include in your home. And its about service after the sale, whether you have questions or problems six months or six years down the road. Its about time to check out Calhoun Mohawk Floorz.