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Neat Sweep Chimney Service

5513 Hull Street Rd
Richmond, VA 23224
Posted: 7/12/2019 6:52:46 PM
By: levittow
Las Vegas, NV
Twenty years ago we were very fortunate in starting Neat Sweep Container. This is a one of a kind construction debris container company. By delivering our containers with a crane we can get our containers closer then anyone else ever thought of. These Containers are perfect for remodeling, spring cleaning, or just plain moving. The other part of our business is Neat Sweep Chimney Service. We do Chimney Sweeping to remove dangerous creosote, Waterproofing, Replacement of Chimney Caps help with Some and Draft Issues, We also Check and evaluate to make sure your chimney is up to standard and much more. Neat Sweep is owned by the Kastner Family and is proud to be locally owned and operated.