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InnerVoice Psychotherapy & Consultation

4905 Old Orchard Center, Suite 426, Skokie, IL, 60077
Skokie, IL 60077
Posted: 1/31/2020 3:46:34 AM
By: lovephileo2
Los Angeles, CA
Located in the Village of Skokie, InnerVoice Psychotherapy & Consultation is a private counseling practice with skilled therapists who utilize their diverse experiences and training to provide an empowering therapeutic experience. We specialize in the treat trauma, anxiety, depression, life transitions, and relationship issues. Many of our clients also experience addiction or codependency issues and we utilize a systemic approach to both treat and connect clients with additional resources to aid in their recovery process and help develop positive strategies to manage life stressors. We assist individuals develop a sense of balance and acceptance and discover a more authentic sense of self.