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HealthSource of Avon

33560 Detroit Road
Avon, OH 44011

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Welcome to Healthsource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab in Avon, OH
We combine the great effect of Chiropractic and combine it with Progressive Rehab to treat more than just the spine, we also treat the muscles that hold the spine in place. Our goal is to strengthen and stabilze the spine and other areas of injury/pain to allow full recovery.

Palmer College of
Chiropractic (2004)
Youngstown State
University (1999)

Post Graduate Training

Flexion Distraction
Spinal Decompression

Current/Past Speaker Presentations:

Kids Day America
Back Pain
Disc Herniations
Its Your Future, Be There Healthy
Spinal Decompression

Personal Info:

Dr. Kearns, as a chiropractor and father, knows the importance of keeping children and their families subluxation-free to prevent nervous system interference through effective, gentle chiropractic care to maximize their health potential.

Our Office can help you with:
- Neck Pain/Stiffness
- Carpal Tunnel
- Sports Medicine
- Arthritis
- Migraines
- Scoliosis
- Low Back Pain
- Disc Degeneration
- Leg Pain
- Sciatica
- Fibromyalgia
- Nutrition
- Balance and Vertigo
- Muscle Tension