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Cultivate - Denver

Posted: 3/20/2014 2:58:21 AM
By: erictan192
Denver, CO

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The store: Cultivate is a hydroponic and organic

garden center. They sell a large variety of gardening

tools, accessories, and heavy equipment. There are

three locations. Each location has a wide variety of

accounts with other garden centers in the industry so

if a customer doesn't find what they need from the

three locations they can call any Cultivate location

and the staff is able to contact other gardening

centers. The staff members are all expert sales people

and they find the best solution for any customers

gardening issues. They have great advice, from tips

for cold crops in heat waves to the importance of

ventilation in hydroponics. They can give advice based

on decades of experience and make sure that customers

receive exactly what they need for their unique