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Ayurvedic Consultation In Macedonia | Dr Vikram Chauhan

Posted: 3/5/2015 10:05:02 AM
By: vikram00
Beverly Hills, CA

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Cure for all diseases with the Help of Ayurvedic Medicines, Natural Herbs & Home remedies with Diet.  Dr vikram Chauhan ( MD) Planet Ayurveda from india is going to visit Macedonia this month from 7th Mar 2015 to 17th March 2015. Macedonia People can visit doctor vikram easily on the mentioned address or take the Appointments or mail us.People from all around world the can mail or Talk with Dr Vikram Chauhan on mention numbers.We will reply u asap and make your life healthy.

Address : Dom Na Arm ( Army Hall) Skopje on & 7th Mar @5pm
From 9th Mar 2015 to 17th Mar2015 @ U1. : Kozara" 31,1000 Skopje ( Macedonia)
call +38923121730
Mail :
Website :