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Breathable Crib Bumoper

Posted: 1/10/2017 7:32:50 PM
By: breathablecribbumper
Houston, TX

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About the Product BETTER AIRFLOW - We strictly use high quality mesh material for our bumper to ensure maximum airflow for your child's safety and reduce the risk of suffocation PROTECT YOUR BABY FROM BRUISES AND BUMPS - The material is thin, yet slightly padded, which provides extra protection from hitting their head. QUICK AND EASY WRAP INSTALL - Our bumpers come with 1 piece liner (covers all 4 sides of the crib), security ribbons, and velcro fasteners, which provide a secure fit. They are very easy to install and completely adjustable. The cotton margins on the top and the bottom help the liner fit tightly and ensure more security. EASY CARE - Of course, we did not forget about the parents! Our bumpers are machine washable, easy to clean, dry, and adjust. 100% GUARANTEE - The only worry-free and easiest way to provide safe sleep for your baby or your money back!our site: