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Endometrial Biopsy in Manhattan

Posted: 7/29/2019 9:20:24 AM
By: AnatZelmanovich
New York, NY

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An endometrial biopsy refers to the procedure Dr. Zelmanovich, Midtown gynecologist may perform that involves removing a tiny piece of tissue from your endometrium, more commonly called the uterine lining. The test is done so that the fibrous tissue can be examined under a microscope or more extensively in a lab.

Even a small sample of tissue can help to confirm a diagnosis that may not be apparent on previous tests. The sample may show changes in the cells that indicate a certain condition or reflect hormone changes. After an endometrial biopsy, Dr. Zelmanovich, gynecologist in Midtown typically will have a clearer idea of your condition and which treatment you require - or that additional tests need to be performed.

Dr. Zelmanovich of NYC gynecology offers a comprehensive Obstetrics & Gynecology care for women of all ages. At our obgyn clinic of we provide a full range of gynecologic services, from annual check-ups and routine pap smears to treatment of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding and gyn procedures. Our state of the art gynecology NYC clinic equipped with a latest obgyn equipment.

Why You Might Need the Test
The test can reveal a number of conditions from the tissue sample removed during an endometrial biopsy. But according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, while a biopsy can determine your hormone levels, it's no longer deemed appropriate to resort to such an invasive test for routine checks of your hormone levels - especially when you're undergoing infertility treatments.
Conditions that may require that you undergo a biopsy to find a cause of your symptoms include:
  . Bleeding that occurs after you've stopped menstruating due to menopause
  . Discovery of a thickened uterine wall following an ultrasound
  . Excessive bleeding while taking fertility drugs
  . Menstrual periods that include an abnormally strong blood flow, such as bleeding that lasts too long, is heavier than normal or is continuously irregular
  . Check for endometrial cancer

The test may be indicated if your OBGYN believes you may have an infection that can't otherwise be confirmed. Infections very often lead to excessive bleeding, a condition called endometriosis. Testing for endometrial cancer is a vital step in the treatment of the disease because this type of cancer is the most common form that occurs in the female reproductive system. At the same time, Dr. Zelmanovich, gyn specialist in Midtown may have other reasons for conducting an endometrial biopsy.

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