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W3T16372 Xenon HID Bulb Holder for Mazda 3 by XenonPlanet

Posted: 12/5/2019 6:46:46 AM
By: tobymolina11
Jersey City, NJ

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XenonPlanet is leading high quality and affordable car parts provider in USA, Australia, Canada and all around globe. XenonPlanet offer the best Mitsubishi Electric W3T16371 W3T16372 W3T20771 Xenon HID Bulb Holder. If you old bulb holder has failed or was damaged by HID 35W bulb, then this replacement part will save you a fortune. Bulb holder is used to hold and ignite D2S or D2R 35W socket HID bulbs. For more information about the product visit our website.