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Appetite Suppression

Posted: 5/22/2020 10:16:11 AM
By: LylaZarella
Bronx, NY

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There are now methods targeting quick weight loss for teens. Gutamin 7 Since America has become one of the fattest nations on earth, this problem has spread to our young people who up to this point were always a shining beacon of hope due to their carefree active lives. So why are these young people now a victim of this malady.

Most people think that is due to the preponderance of video games flooding the market. It is easier for parents to watch their kids if they are in the house and not running the streets. But this has only exacerbated the lack of activity currently seen in the adolescents of today. While safety should be paramount in the concerns of every parent, can't a safe play area be established so fresh air and exercise becomes a daily routine again.