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Monroe, NC

Sunshine Acres Beagle Puppies are Family raised beagle puppies in our personal home, for companion pets to approved homes only. 25+ years experience selectively focusing on developing indoor companion dog traits, selecting for loving personalities, and to improve traits such as developing coats that shed less than typical tricolors. Boarding available for our sunshine beagle family. Since 1990 we have developed & raised our Sunshine Acres Beagle Puppies for house pet friendly qualities. Ours are not the typical beagles designed for hunting abilities you find in the local papers. We have spent  years selectively choosing & keeping our breeding lines for homebodies that make excellent Loving Lap dogs, and have placed them only into pet homes. These puppies are intended for Pet Homes Only, not for breeding, hunting, showing or resale. We provide a copy of the parent's/ancestor's AKC papers to show that our pet-puppies are of pure blood AKC Beagle origins. Litters are not individually registered to prevent Breeding of our Sunshine Acres Beagles, which is prohibited. We reserve the right to place our pups only into homes we are comfortable with, and refuse to sell our babies to anyone planning to Hunt or breed our uniquely developed bloodline. (DNA on file with the AKC) If you currently have a beagle, we will ask for their spay/neuter receipt prior to selling any of our puppies to safeguard our many years of work developing our exclusive bloodlines of Pet only pups. If you intend to adopt Two, we will only sell littermates, or pups of the same gender. If they are going to be unrelated, they must be the same gender to avoid accidental breeding of the unique  house pet variety line Miss Christina has developed.