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The Elder Law Firm Of Shaun E. O'Toole

220 Pine St
Harrisburg, PA 17101

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Posted: 4/17/2013 2:11:23 PM
By: shaun170413
Harrisburg, PA
The Elder Law Firm of Shaun E. O'Toole is Harrisburg PA's most trusted attorney / lawyer in estate planning and elder law. Having over two decades of specialized experience as probate attorneys and estate planning attorneys, the Elder Law Firm empowers families to make well-informed legal decisions. Whether planning a last will and testament, living will, living trust, irrevocable life insurance trust or drafting a durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney, or Medicaid and nursing home planning, our in-depth knowledge of court cases, best practices and the array of actions that may be taken provides families with the understanding and confidence to make the right decisions. We are also especially skilled at assisting the executor of the estate to avoid probate court, minimize estate tax liabilities, maintain required bookkeeping, meet filing deadlines, and keep the estate beneficiaries informed and in advocacy.