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The Clutter Whisperer of New York City

250 E 39th St Apt 10D,New York
New York, NY 10016

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Posted: 2/5/2016 3:38:18 PM
By: clutterwhisperernyc
New York, NY
The Clutter Whisperer of New York City is the home- and space- organizing business of professional organizer Cynthia Kienzle. She has been working her space and organizational magic on New York apartments, closets, living spaces, and offices since 2000. As a professional home and office organizer, Cynthia specializes in helping New Yorkers maximize their spaces by making recommendations and custom designing space solutions for each individual client to achieve his/her best organized situation.As a master in all things space- and organization-related, Cynthia√Ę?Ts recommendations provide zen results, a clutter free environment, and a healthier, saner way to live. She believes in living efficiently, organizing for her clients lives, homes and offices with creative flair to resolve their home space, storage, and organization issues.As part of her organizing expertise, she is knowledgeable in Feng Shui and able to help promote positive energy, harmony, and flow through her Feng Shui awareness and organizing capabilities.Cynthia also uses her organizational skills to staging New York properties for sale or rent. She has a knack for layout and bringing a room together in harmony. She generally does not recommend buying fancy organizing products, but rather relies on existing DIY space solutions and organizing techniques.The Clutter Whisperer of New York City is available to help with all your space and organization needs at (212) 661-0982. She will provide consultations as well as help with the actual organizing process.