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Pharaoh's Hairum

400A packetts landing
Fairport, NY 14450

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Posted: 3/17/2016 7:02:47 PM
By: pharaohshairum7j
Fairport, NY
You only get one body, so it is well worth taking care of. Aspa day may be just what you need to combat the busyness of life that oftenkeep us from being the best version of ourselves.Pharaoh's Hairum Salon & Spa in Fairport, NY is leading the way among local spas and offers a wide rangeof services.Aside from spa treatments,Pharaoh's Hairum Salon & Spa also offers facials, nail treatments,and salon services.Facials: The results are more than skin deep. Facials includetreatment that will not just leave you rejuvenated, but will improve yourskin's condition. The facials can keep aging at bay. You can have make-uplessons and consultations from trained professionals. Nail Treatments: Pharaoh's Hairum Salon & Spa put theirown spin on manicures and pedicures. The treatments are not just forappearance but for relaxation. Specialty pedicures have a food theme, likeMango Passion Fruit Yogurt Pedicure and Peppermint Pedicure. Salon Services: Go curly or rock a straight hair look with awide range of styles that will be carefully considered to fit yourpreference and flatter your unique features. Pharaoh's Hairum Salon & Spa goes the extra mile for itscustomers by committing to only chemical-free, natural beauty products.Customers can return again and again with the assurance that their spaexperience will be without parabens, ammonia, and formaldehyde; it does notmake sense to seek rejuvenated skin by ruining it with chemicals.Make sure you LikePharaoh's Hairum Salon & Spa onFacebook to be the first to know about spa specials and spa packages. You cancall and speak with a friendly technician at (585) 223-5850.