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Forever Young Fine Jewelers

41 N. Main St
Saint George, UT 84770

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Posted: 4/11/2016 9:30:56 AM
By: forevery26490
Saint George, UT
Jeremy Young worked for McArthur Jewelers from 2012 until its closing in January 2016. Upon hearing of the McArthurs' decision to retire and close their store, Jeremy and Megan Young felt like many residents--saddened and shocked by the news, but also excited for the McArthurs and their new adventures. When Jeremy and Megan came home to see their 6-year-old son had written in school that he wanted to work at McArthur Jewelers when he grew up, and knowing that this was no longer a possibility, a thought came to their minds, "Why don't we start our own?" It was at this time that Jeremy and Megan felt impressed to begin a jewelry store that would follow the hometown culture of McArthur Jewelers, marking the beginning of Forever Young Fine Jewelers.