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Sprinkler Master Repair (St. George UT)

4757 El Sobrante St
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Posted: 8/21/2016 4:26:27 PM
By: stgeorgeutsprinklerrepairservice
Santa Clara, CA
Sprinkler Master (St. George, UT)  Phone: (435) 767-1266
Under new management and name: 

We recently changed our name, and have new management in the St. George area.
Our goal is to save you time so you can do the things you love. We strive to have great communication so your sprinkler system can be fixed efficiently and correctly.  As a professional sprinkler repair company, we ensure our sprinkler technicians are experienced and well-qualified to fix your lawn irrigation system.
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 Phone: (435) 767-1266
Email: [email protected]

.        Replace nozzles,
.        Repair a broken line,
.        Reset sprinkler heads,