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Allie's Walkabout

2640 Crescent Springs Rd.
Ft Mitchell, KY 41017

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Posted: 4/19/2017 6:13:19 AM
By: Jeanne1987
Woodland, CA
Allies Walkabout is an All-Inclusive off leash care facility. Your pal will romp and play the day away whether hes here for doggy daycare or boarding, hell love his time at Allies! Allies also offers grooming, training and pet photography. As a client of The Dog Gurus and a member of IBSPA, education is a top priority. Our staff members receive over 20 hours of classroom training combined with another 90-100 hours of peer mentor training. During their first week, a new employee will attend Knowing Dogs 101 and the next week is Knowing Dogs 201. After each section, they will then work with a peer mentor to demonstrate what they just learned. Our focus on training provides a safe environment for your pal and peace of mind for you.