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The Counseling Center of Maryland

8030 Woodmont Avenue, 3rd floor
Bethesda, MD 20814

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Posted: 5/18/2021 6:24:28 PM
By: counselingcentermd
Bethesda, MD
The professionals at The Counseling Center of Maryland use a variety of techniques to help improve the quality of life for individuals, couples, groups, and families. Through our strength-based and collaborative approach, we offer new insights that enable our clients to see things from different perspectives. We provide treatment and counseling for anxiety, depression, grief, emotional regulation issues, self-esteem, relationship concerns, and parenting. Through active and evidenced-based strategies we help empower our clients to make new choices and evoke positive change.

Together, we will look at feelings, thoughts and behaviors as vehicles to positive change using techniques from empirically proven interventions including dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cyclical psychodynamics, intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy (ISTDP), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and Mindfulness.