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Houston, TX

Director of Sales & Marketing at X-Byte Enterprise Solutions
I have been a decade old technology evangelist, driven by a passion to innovate and create platforms and solutions that would make the tech sphere bigger and better for mankind. Supporting tech ventures since 2008, I believe learning and failing and learning should never stop.
Using technology differently rather than using different technologies has been the soul of managing one of the leading technology ventures in mobile and cloud domain. X-Byte Enterprise Solutions; a company whose foundation lies on expert intuition and accurate utilization of skills, helps its clients with their tech needs, while effectively eliminating risks. We take care of the nuts and bolts, every detail, so that the clients don't have to.   I enjoy cooking and eating what others cook. :)   I love networking and solving problems or adding value for anyone and everyone that I can. You can reach me at phone number or email address.
| Visit us: | Phone: +1 (832) 251 7311   | Email: [email protected]